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Your fav band from Toronto, Canada.

Vocals & Xylophone:  Geoff Childs

Guitars: Dom Spina

Drums: Capps

Bass: Anthony Caetano

EIGHT was formed in Toronto by singer Geoff Childs and guitarist Dom Spina. After writing countless songs and mastering their craft, they met drummer Capps and bassist Anthony Caetano.

Currently, the band is dotting their I's and crossing their T's putting the final touches on their debut album with Michael Sarracini of Mono Road Music who has worked with Frozen Ghost, Honeymoon Suite and Alfie Zappacosta.

Their Lead-off single 'Without You' has already been added by FM radio and Online radio in Canada, USA and Germany. The second single of the album "Take It Back"  has already started to be noticed and will surely be heard around the world.

EIGHT's debut album 'Sleepless In Toronto' will be realeased July of 2023

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